Test Craft

We offer a variety of testing services for games and application software, with a focus on mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, as well as Android & Windows RT devices. We would be happy to cover all of your projects testing needs from planning during the design phase all the way through platform certification testing and after launch support and updates.

The core features of our testing service include all of the following, or any combination of the services listed below to suit the needs of your product.

Test Planning

Our expert test managers will help you plan your project and the testing services it will need to be a success. They can help designers and project managers with common project planning tasks as well as provide valuable early input into a project to help ensure it stays on track from conception to ship.

Usability Testing

We will help you launch products that are intuitive, clean and achieve high conversions. Service options include survey-based testing with targeted focus groups, hands on group testing, and usability audits from one of our UX experts.

Functional Testing

We have some of the best functional test associates you can find anywhere. They will help ensure that your application functions as intended, and that common end user actions will not have unforeseen consequences. We offer exploratory testing, white box testing, black box testing, test case creation, test case execution, and test automation.

Localization Testing

We offer common localization testing services that focus on the functional aspects of localization as well as the ability to bring on experts in most common languages to ensure your product is saying what you think it is saying.

Load Testing

For network enabled applications we can make sure you are ready for peak traffic and that performance won't degrade under heavy load. We also perform real world testing scenarios for networked applications.

To speak with one of our world builders about our testing services Contact Us for a free project evaluation and bid.